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You can buy with confidence knowing we have been selling trip psychedelics in the U.S for over 10 years, and you can independently verify our reputation online.  We care about our reputation, and so should you. We are a wholesale and retail distributor of magic mushrooms and trip psychedelics for sale online. We import high-quality MHRB for sale from Brazil and sell it in the US. Buy 100% pure, natural, unprocessed  products without chemical additives in USA.

  • Our products are always Fresh!

  • Our shipping is fast, discreet, and always done within the US.

  • Unmatched quality and competitive prices.

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A very valuable resource for a very particular product. My experiences (twice so far) have been without incident or difficulty what so ever! FYI: received bark within 3rd day of order!

Shanon Bresline

Nothing but great things to say about the customer service experience! Thankful to have discovered these guys! Managed to place an order and receive a tracking number in under an hour and shipped it quickly. They were very quick to respond to questions.

Rob Dericks

While their prices might be a little bit steeper, the quality of their root powder definitely justified it. 10/10 for me

Henry White

Very Fast Shipping. I received it in less than 3 days! I would have given 5 stars but the company went from sending the powder in an airtight heat-sealed foil pouch to putting it in 2 zip lock bags. Regardless, I highly recommend this company! I will be using them again.

Ernie Cruz

There are no words to express my gratitude to the fine people running this business. Their pure kindness alone was amazing. If I could give them more than 5 starts I would. Without a doubt the best service I've ever received. Blessings

Dave Bobwell

Did not receive my order and after two weeks I contacted them to inquire about my purchase.. thought I got ripped off or some delay..they responded to my email and corrected the problem immediately and went WAY beyond means necessary to make me feel better about my purchase don’t experience that level of customer service often.. 100%

Shayne Williams

Very prompt and helpful responses during the order and purchase with any concerns or questions I had with shipping, ECT. Five star customer service. However, I have concerns with the actual product. I placed another order this morning, and will determine if the product or my methods was the reason for the unsatisfactory results.

Chris Pawel

I ordered on Wednesday @1230pm, got an email from josh @1230pm with instructions on how to pay via cashapp, got the payment confirmed @1248. The package arrived the following Friday @4pm.

Max Foster

Extremely pleased with how fast it was shipped. I will definitely order again from them in the future for the speed alone. As for quality, I can't say since its my first time buying this product. I may have gotten a bit more as well, or my scale is off which is plus too.

Raven Ross

Wow, awesome and better than expected. When I received my tracking number Saturday ( which was the next morning after purchasing) the mailer stated it would be here by Wednesday, that was cool. Then it said it would be here earlier on Tuesday, sweet! But it came even sooner than that. I got it Monday! Smells great and can’t wait work with it! Thank you

Barry Danvell

Awesome company, had some issues navigating this website contacted customer service and got a helpful reply from Josh in less than 10 minutes, followed his clear instructions and finalized the order. Product showed up in less than 2 days and quality is great! Can only recommend!!

Peter Statolav

Costumer service was excellent! Josh did a great job at answering all my questions and concerns. Product was delivered quick and on time. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for quality and great customer service! Thanks again guys!

Darren Fletcher

Super friendly service! I have had frequent emails sent to me from the company showing that it’s legit and I already got a tracking number only 2 days after ordering on a Friday. Much respect to this vendor, will be coming back once I receive my package.

Joy Paddock

Hands down best service you could ask for. Ordered on a Friday night, traded emails regarding shipping, etc Saturday morning, product was in the mail Saturday afternoon, in my mailbox on Monday. Product arrived exactly as described and is of excellent quality. Look no further for your supplier of MHRB. I am a customer for life. Highly recommend.

Sammy Nestlyn

Customer service was impeccable, incredibly kind and not pushy. I accidentally sent them too much money and they refunded it instantly. Order with confidence, these guys are awesome! Thank you!

Benjamin Gates

Definitely earned five stars! I got my order in late, and it still shipped the same day. It was delivered less than 48 hours later; and that was standard shipping. The communication is also fast, personal, and top notch. I wish most companies took this approach. I made sure to bookmark the webpage right away.

Dave Nattline

These guys run a good business always reliable and fast. You can order from them without fear or worry that you will not get you product. Every time they have come through. I will only order from them . Just because of that it’s hard to find a good vendor. Who will not burn you. Thanks guys.

Bernie Swaylee

Protecting Your Privacy: Our Commitment to Safeguarding Your Personal Information is dedicated to protecting our customer’s privacy and has an established privacy policy in place that clearly outlines the steps we take to ensure data protection. Our company ensures that personal information is collected in a transparent and easy-to-understand manner. We only collect the minimum necessary data to achieve the intended goal and obtain explicit consent from customers beforehand. uses cutting-edge security measures to safeguard all collected data and information, ranging from physical security to sensitive data encryption. We also do not share or sell customer information to third parties, except where required by law or explicit consent has been given by the customer. Furthermore, we provide our customers with the right to request access, correction or deletion of their personal information in an easy and straightforward process. is a transparent, trustworthy, and ethical company committed to privacy. Our core values demonstrate our dedication to maintaining a respectful and secure relationship with all our customers.

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Delivery is a vital aspect of the supply chain as it involves the transportation of goods or services to the intended recipient. In today’s era of increased online shopping, deliveries have become even more crucial as they form a significant part of the customer experience. To ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business, efficient and timely deliveries are necessary. Confirmation plays an equally important role in the delivery process as it serves as proof of receipt or acceptance of the goods or services. This step helps to prevent any issues or discrepancies and ensures that the intended recipient receives the products or services. Email or text message confirmations are typically used to show proof of delivery for online purchases. In summary, timely delivery and confirmation are essential in providing customers with a successful online shopping experience.

We consulted from some of our frequent clients and with their consent, we can now publish some of their delivery messages and images just to serve as a confirmation to verify our legitimacy. We hope you don’t download or screenshot their testimonials for selfish reasons.

Field Testimonials

Testimonials are an awesome way of showing skill proof.  We consulted from some of our frequent clients and with their consent, we can now publish some of their delivery messages and images just to serve as a confirmation to verify our legitimacy.  

This was what they had to offer.

I've been using your delivery services and I have to say that I was blown away by the level of professionalism and efficiency displayed by your team. My package arrived on time and in great condition. Thank you for making my experience a positive one

Ruben Blaze Colorado Springs, CO

Your delivery services are exceptional. I have never had any issues with lost or damaged packages, and your team is always prompt and courteous. I recommend your services to all my friends and family

Liz Moore Stretford, UK

I have been using your delivery services for a few months now, and I can confidently say that you have exceeded my expectations every time. Your team is always accommodating and delivers my packages with care. I appreciate your commitment to excellence

Matt Higgins Sacramento, CA

trippsychedelics, am always vouching for you, you deserve more than a 5star review rating. Thanks, for coming through for me and my money sake.

Ering Haarolds Rotterdam, Netherlands

I can't say enough good things about your delivery services. Your team is reliable, efficient, and always goes above and beyond to ensure my packages are delivered on time and in great condition. Thank you for providing such a great service!

Xavier Denison Vancouver, BC, Canada

Josh, thanks for the sincere professionalism for you and your entire team, was alerted by the UPS about the arrival of my parcel, later returned home and met this pretty scene at my door step.

Andrew Holyfield Victoria, BC, Canada

The quality of your powder never seems to get old. Always fresh and rich, reason while and still on the return list

Drew Carlson Terrell, TX

@trippsychedelics, let them know, keep going we're always gonna voucher for you.

George Dickson Portland. OR

It is refreshing to work with a company that truly cares about their customers. Another order, another delivery made by trrippsychedelics.

Sam Reeves Brighton VIC, Australia

I am so happy I stumbled upon this website. The product selection is fantastic and the prices are very reasonable. I placed my order and received it within a few days, and I couldn't be happier with the product itself. It's top-quality and has exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend this website to anyone looking for high-quality products

Martha Potts Los Angeles, CA

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You too can help us grow to be more recognized, become a frequent customer with us and help us reach out to many who have difficulties finding the quality and legitimate shops they crave.  After the delivery of your order, kindly enable to forward some photos to Josh, via email to [email protected], to enable us prove our legitimacy of product delivery to new customers. . As shown from the recent testimonials above, we promise to not disclose any sensitive information aside names that may be disturbing to you or our store